Log Home Staining

What Goes Into Staining A Log Home?

The necessary first steps of staining a home are always to blast and sand the prior coat off before applying a fresh coat. You’ll then pick the color of stain you want, and we’ll apply stain from the industry’s leading supplier. Our staining process includes carefully masking off your windows and doors to prevent stain from getting where it shouldn’t, then spraying and back-brushing to ensure the stain is evenly and completely applied so every inch of your exterior is protected. After the first coat has completely dried, we’ll apply our second coat through the same process so your home stays protected.

Stain samples on a bare beam

When Is A New Coat Of Stain Needed?

When you see signs of rot and moisture in the logs, it’s time for a full restoration so that your staining project is done to last. If the logs of your home are in good shape, you should continue to wash and reapply a clear-coat of stain as we do in our maintenance package to ensure protection for as long as possible. If you are unsure whether a new coat or a full restoration is needed, we are happy to inspect your home and offer our professional opinion.

Stain samples on a bare beam

Why Choose Woodworks To Stain Your Log Home?

In every step of our restoration process we use the best suppliers and methods in the industry so that your home is as protected as it can be. In addition, we offer maintenance plans to continue to protect your home on an annual basis so that your spared from more expensive projects down the road.

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