Log Home Rot Repair

How Do You Repair Rot In A Log Home?

Replacing log home rot first requires identifying the extent of the rot and carving out these portions of your home. Sometimes entire logs need to be replaced, and other times we will excavate only pieces of a log. The intention at this stage is to be as least invasive to your home as possible while still completely removing all traces of rot.

We then prepare a new log with identical dimensions to what’s been removed with bolts that will drill into the existing logs of your home. Bolted together, the repaired sections are stained with the existing parts so they blend together and your entire home looks like new.

Before After Log Rot Repair

When Do You Need Rot Repair Vs A Restoration?

Rot repair projects are necessary when a log is rotten beyond saving, whereas a full restoration halts the process of rotting in the early stages. We strongly recommend having a professional inspect the logs of your home to decide whether a rot repair or a restoration is needed.

Before After of Log Rot Repair Construction

What Are Signs Of Rotten Logs?

darkend rot condensed
  • Black or darkened logs
  • Hollow sounding logs when you firmly knock
  • Soft logs to the touch
  • Plant growth on the logs
  • Insects living in the logs
darkend rot condensed

Why Choose Woodworks To Repair Rot In Your Log Home?

Woodworks Owner sitting on ladder preparing to carve large log

Experience matters in these highly skilled and expensive projects. Woodworks Log Home Restoration is the most experienced log home rot repair contractor in the state, and our owner is on site to oversee every step of this process to make sure repairs are done to our standards and the complete satisfaction of the owner.

Don’t trust just anybody with the safety and structure of your log home. Go with the most trusted and experienced rot repair contractors in the state.

Woodworks Owner sitting on ladder preparing to carve large log

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