Log Home Maintenance Plan

Keep Your Log Home Protected With Our Maintenance Plan

Log Home In the Sun

We encourage our past customers to continue to protect their home through our annual maintenance plan. Members will receive an annual wash to the exterior of their log home to remove dirt and debris which collects and wears away at the log’s protective coats. Every third year we will wash your home and apply Perma-Chink’s clear coat solution to reseal the logs against rain, sunlight, dirt and mold. A clear-coat layer also revitalizes the original stain’s color, making your log home look like new again.

Log homes stay in their best condition for the longest when they’re regularly maintained. This causes many log homeowners to worry about the maintenance of their home: How often do I re-stain? What do I do before re-staining? Woodworks Log Home Restoration will take care of your maintenance because we care about our customer’s peace of mind and the quality preservation of their homes.


Log Home In the Sun

Woodworks Log Home Restoration Warranties

We proudly stand by all our restoration and repair projects with our company warranty. If you notice the services we provided are not lasting, we will return to the site within 3 years and make it right at no cost to you.

Perma-Chink Supplier Warranty

Perma-Chink is the industry’s leading supplier for log home materials. As a Perma-Chink certified contractor, our application of Perma-Chink’s stain products come with a 5 year warranty granted the correct maintenance is applied. We trust them to supply us with the best materials for log homes and they trust us to apply it correctly.

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