Log Home Exterior Restorations

What Is A Log Home Restoration?

A log home restoration is the process of stripping the old, worn stain from a home down to the raw log in order to reapply a fresher, more effective coat of stain that protects the logs from weather damage and rot. Woodworks Log Home Restoration’s process includes blasting and sanding the logs to safely and sustainably remove the old stain. Then, we apply a water-based stain solution that bonds to the bare wood to protect the logs for years.

When Is A Log Home Restoration Needed?

Darkened or yellow logs are typically the first signs of rot. If you notice this anywhere on your log home, do not ignore it. Logs continue to collect moisture and rot if they’re not treated correctly, and require an extensive rot repair project that includes carving out the old logs and replacing with new wood.

If you are unsure what to look for or the severity of the damage, hire a log home contractor to inspect your home and offer guidance.

Why Choose Woodworks Log Home Restoration?

If you want your log home restoration done right, Woodworks Log Home Restoration is your solution. We take our time in each step of the process to make sure the logs are fully stripped and smooth before applying a fresh coat, then we apply the coat patiently and thoroughly so that it properly bonds to the logs. After our project is finished, we offer a maintenance plan that keeps your log home looking new and protected for the life of your log home.

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