What Is Chinking A Log Home?

Log Home Interior With Chinking
Chinking is the process of sealing the space between logs to insulate the interior of your log home from the outside elements. Woodworks Log Home Restoration uses an acrylic sealant from Perma-Chink that expands and contracts as the spaces between your logs do through the warming and cooling seasons.

When Is Chinking A Log Home Needed?

When things you want outside start to creep inside your home, it’s time to think about re-chinking. This includes cold air from the outside that could be driving your energy bill up, or pests that find their way between the logs and prefer the warmth inside like you and I. If you notice problems similar to these, Woodworks Log Home Restoration professionals can visit your home and inspect if chinking is the cause.

Log Home Interior With Chinking

Why Choose Woodworks To Chink Your Log Home?

As Perma-chink certified contractors, our chinking projects come with a 5 year warranty. If you want your log home worked on with from highly-skilled professionals using the best materials available, Woodworks Log Home Restoration is your chinking solution.

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