Log Home Blasting & Sanding

What Is Blasting & Sanding A Log Home?

Blasting and sanding is the process of removing old, worn stain from log homes. Both steps are critical to ensure the stain coat applied after forms a strong bond with the wood.

Woodworks Log Home Restoration blasts homes with a media made from finely crushed walnut shells. This breaks through the surface layer of the log and finish to expose the raw log. Our techniques using crushed walnut shell are considered best practice in the industry as it does the job well, and prevents you, your family, and immediate environment from being exposed to harsh chemicals and materials such as crushed glass.

Sanding is necessary after blasting, as it removes whatever prior finish is remaining and smoothens the log in preparation for staining. Sanding is an incredibly labor intensive process that many contractors skip to save time. Our crew takes pride in restoring your home to its highest quality despite the extra work it takes. You’ll notice the difference, especially if you need your home redone.

When Is Blasting And Sanding A Log Home Needed?

Log Home Siding Untouched, Blasted, and Sanded
Blasting and sanding is part of the log home restoration process. It’s needed prior to applying stain to a home, to make sure that the new stain forms a strong bond with the logs.

Why Choose Woodworks Log Home Restoration to Blast And Sand Your Home?

We follow industry best practices in our techniques for removing and the materials we use to do it. Our walnut shell media blasting is safe, effective, and biodegradable, and our sanding is done with detail and pride. The result is a final coat of finish that bonds to your logs for years and years with continuous care from our maintenance plan.

Log Home Siding Untouched, Blasted, and Sanded

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