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Meet the owner

What's The Woodworks Difference?

Owner Operated

You’ll find our owner working onsite to oversee the quality of our work, and answer your questions face-to-face, right away, from the person in charge.

You’ll become familiar with Woodworks Restoration from top to bottom. We have the whole business’s knowledge and experience on site to answer your questions and make sure the job is done right.

Contracting For Your Whole Home

Woodworks Log Home Restoration is operated by licensed general contractors with years of experience in the log home industry. This means in addition to restoring the structure of your log home, we can fix whatever is within it, too. Like our restoration work, all our contracting projects are done with attention to detail in every step.

Maintenance & Warranties

Maintenance Plans

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We offer annual maintenance that protects your log home from future wear and saves you money in the long run.

Every Year: We’ll send professionals to inspect your home’s condition and wash its exterior.

Every Third Year: We’ll send professionals to inspect your home’s condition, wash your exterior, and reapply a clear coat of finish.


We believe in the quality of our services and materials. We ensure our work is done right the first time, and if it’s not, it’s no cost to you.

Woodworks Warranty: We’ll repair work that’s not up to standard within three years of finishing.

Perma-Chink Warranty: Perma-Chink guarantees your logs will stay protected within 5 years of applying their protective stain coating, granted proper maintenance is applied.

Full Restoration

Log Home Before/After a Restoration

A full restoration protects your log home from future rot and weather damage by removing the old stain coat down to the bare log then reapplying a fresh stain coat that’s more protective.

If your log home is showing signs of aging such as darkened or yellowed logs or plant growth, getting a full restoration now will prevent extensive repairs to rotten logs in the future.

Rot Repair

Corner of Log Home Carved Out for Repair

Rot repair is the process of carving out deeply rotted pieces of logs and binding a new log with identical dimensions. This work requires highly skilled log home contractors.

Woodworks Log Home Restoration is proud to service the most log home rot repairs projects for longer than anyone else in Washington State. Trust the professionals with the most experience to identify the severity of your rot problem and repair your home to look like new again.

Blasting & Sanding

Log Home Siding Untouched, Blasted, and Sanded

Blasting and sanding work together to remove old, worn stain from log homes. Both steps are critical to ensure the fresh coat of stain applied to the raw wood forms a lasting bond.

Blasting involves spraying media made of finely crushed walnut shells with incredible force to remove the stain layer.

Sanding is necessary to smoothen the course and uneven logs in the aftermath of blasting. Stain finish bonds much more strongly to smooth wood. Many contractors skip this step to save time, but Woodworks Log Home Restoration’s priority is making sure are projects are done with quality and care.


Staining color options painted on a log

You pick the stain that matches the log home of your dreams, and we apply our eco-friendly, water-based solution to protect your home.

Our stain comes from Perma-Chink, an incredibly trusted supplier in the log home industry. Their staining technology is engineered specifically to protect your log home, and it does this better than any store-bought wood stain.

As with every step in our projects, we rely on the industry’s best suppliers and follow best practices. The result is a log home that’s protected against the elements of every season.


Log Home Interior With Chinking

Chinking is the process of sealing the logs together to keep what belongs outside outside.

Early log home builders used clay, soil and mud to pack these spaces. Today we use Perma-Chink’s highly trusted chinking and energy acrylic seal. This seal expands and contracts as the space of the cracks do throughout the warming and cooling seasons to keep your home sealed and energy bills low.

As a Perma-Chink certified contractor, our chinking projects come with a five-year warranty.

Deck Rebuilds

Log Home Deck Under Construction

Woodworks Log Home Restoration is owned and operated by a licensed general contractor who is able to repair or build your dream custom deck.

Log home decks require log home builders who are familiar with the building style.

Come see some of the beautiful custom log home decks we’ve built and imagine how you would spend your time on something similar.

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